Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Rebecca for these wonderful layouts that she sent me. She has sent in doubles of each layout. Thank you so much for this. They are beautiful.

We are expecting our next lot of albums in by the end of the week. I am really excited to have some layouts up my sleeve so when they arrive we have some albums already done. Great job everyone that has sent us in layouts, you have made a difference in someones lives.
These are the amazing layouts that came from Scrap Addictions in Bundaberg. You guys are just wonderful. How amazing

When I received this package, and opened it up. I was brought to tears. How wonderful is Scrap Addictions. They have set a very high standard. Thank you so much.
 Here is what the finished product will look like, this is a girl one, and we have a blue album like this except with butterflies on it.
 Here is an example of a double layout in the album looks like
 One of the poems that have been choosen on a layout
 Here is a layout which has a space that is larger, these are great for those that don't get alot of photos of their babies, or would like to include their babies cot card, or Id braclets
 Here are some boy layouts that have been done.

Here are some example layouts, these layouts are with Harrison's photos. So this is what the end result of the album will look like once these parents have put in there pictures.
Please keep the layouts simple and not to bulky. You can do the layouts so that they can add there own photos.