Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why I have started this charity

Losing Harrison has been the biggest loss in my life. As a mother you would do anything for your child, you would die for them. The thought of the world not knowing about my beautiful son devastates me, so this is the way I have found to let the world know he was here. This is also my way of helping people who have gone through the same sort of experience. To scrap Harrisons photos was a type of therapy for me, and it gives something extra to those precious photos we hold so dear. These are our link to our babies, so I want people to be able to carry this album around with them if they want to, and use it as a brag book. We should all be able to talk about our little angels. Photos are something we all treasure of our children, dead or alive. But once your child passes, these photos became even more treasured. So help us do these albums so people can have something beautiful to help them through the hardest, and saddest time of there lives.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos Mel and precious memories!You treasure them no matter what! I am lucky to have my 8 week premie son, who is now 18 and my also my early now 13 yr old son! I thank god for them everyday!
    A beautiful way to remember him!
    Thinking of you all!
    kerri xx